Sims Weekly World News
I have played the Sims forever. The idea of the SIms Weekly World News was started forever ago with satirical news stories inspired by The Weekly World News and has evolved from there. I still write things when inspired.

~ I run the SIFF Battle of the Bands
~ I make stuff

I am mostly harmless and follow back simblrs.

That’s some mad eyebrow action there Kaidan.

"Hey! Don’t be hating. I’ve spent years perfecting this!"

Toxic Dream debuts a new music video at Fall 2014 SIFF!

I don’t know….have you seen some of the fashion shows? *cringes*

Just remember, an EA inspired fashion show would be a lot worse.

Better make sure Adonis knows this ;)

With the success of Mercedes’ protest where she was in the bunny suit, he might want to consider shark suits. Just sayin’…

LOL! But why is the shark suit green now? :D

Because it’s not Adonis. The green shark was at the Shark Week Beach Party.

"Protest at City Hall at 3:00. Shark suit optional."
What are we protesting?
"Climate change and other environmental things."
You say the shark suit is optional?
Okay then.